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Supercharge your campaigns, streamline workflows, stop wasting time on click-intensive tasks. Whether you need a complex Google Ads script or an entire web app, we've got you covered.

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Custom Solutions


Tailored to your agency's unique strategies to enable your account managers to have a bigger impact for your clients with tools that help you outperform.

Paid Media Focus


Draw on our experience at tech oriented agencies like Brainlabs, ForwardPMX, Merkle and delivering tech solutions for 10+ innovative agencies at Acuto.  

Upskill Your Team


Don't risk a situation where you are too reliant on single members of staff. We provide SQL, Data Studio and Scripts training as part of our ongoing service. 

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Are you Facing these challenges?

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Tech Resources 


Do you lack experienced AdTech and MarTech developers to build proprietary platforms or to integrate tools with your existing tech stack?

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Inefficient Processes


Are your account managers spending time on click-intensive tasks and you want to automate internal processes to free up resources?

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Domain Knowledge


Is your team missing out on advanced account management strategies because they require scripting and coding knowledge?

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Performance Issues


Are you experiencing downtime, and delays with data collection & reporting using tools like Supermetrics, Data Studio or Google Sheets?

Your agency's Tech partner

More Data Sources

Build on solid foundations

Tools that are built on top of a centralised hub of all your agency's data for more insights 

Identify and automate strategies that already work for your agency 

Outperform competitors with more advanced analytics and automated decisions 

Proven Innovation

Effective and impressive

Reduce time to value with our team's experience working with agencies on a daily basis

✔ Unique proprietary tech that delivers unique results and gives your agency an edge 

✔ Bragging rights on prospecting calls and better results for clients 

Deep Expertise

Give your team an edge

✔ Our developers and engineers all have PPC backgrounds and consult on effective solutions

✔ We provide training to upskill your non-technical staff leading to faster adoption of solutions. 

When you free your team from click-intensive tasks they can focus on strategy

cross-channel optimizations

Web Apps


Build powerful cloud-hosted proprietary data and automation solutions

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API Connections


Integrate existing apps or services via APIs and get more out of your tech stack

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Automate Google Ads, SA360, Facebook, Snapchat, and more with powerful custom scripts

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working as an Extension of your team

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"They have removed the barriers between agencies and their data to deliver complex, custom solutions faster and at a lower cost." 

Chris Vlessis, CEO & Co-Founder of Shape 

Less Hassle


Whether your paid media team needs a complex script for a particular client or you want to automate the client onboarding process across multiple channels. We build solutions that account managers love to use.

"Acuto is also continually bringing additional ideas and solutions to our team that allow us to better perform for our clients."

Chris Davis, Director of Digital Marketing at BrandCraft 

"Dramatically increasing results while at the same time, reducing the need for maintenance, troubleshooting and exploration. We could not have done this without Acuto."


Andre Santos, Co-Founder of Pain-Free Dental Marketing

More Return on Investment


Founders of leading ad tech platforms like Shape and Opteo rely on Acuto to provide custom engineering and development services for key clients who want to get more out of their tools because our developers and engineers actually have marketing backgrounds so we can be pro-active and take a consultative approach.

Case Study: The value of simplicity

Easy to use and impactful. That's the real measure of great tech. It doesn't always have to be a complex web app, sometimes a custom built Google Sheets add-on does wonders for your team's productivity.


Sitruna specializes in Amazon - and they wanted to make their extensive data useful (on everything from listings to ads). But reporting and analysis was a challenge because data was stored in Google BigQuery and very few account managers knew SQL.

So we created a Google Sheets add-on that allows anyone at Sitruna to easily pull reports from BigQuery. With a few simple dropdowns, it lets you choose what report you want, what columns you need, and any filters. In the backend, it takes the user inputs and turns them into an SQL query, which it then pulls from BigQuery and returns in a Google Sheet. 

"The quality of their work is fantastic and we're really excited to be using the new tools."

Stephen Harris, Director & Founder of Sitruna

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A clear roadmap to success




Schedule a scoping call 

Get a tech team overnight

Work with innovative solutions

How we work together

A Consultative Approach

Every agency needs a tech team, but it's hard to attract talent and to justify full-time roles if you don't have a certain size. We founded Acuto to act as your agency's extended tech team and our automation and data solutions are an integral part of the success and growth of the agencies we work with. 

Day rate 

30 day rolling contract

Solution development and testing

Guaranteed deliverables

Add solutions and add-ons as you go 

Access to all services and know-how

Consulting on paid media tech

Training (SQL, Data Studio, Scripts)

Cross-channel optimizations paid media

Avoid painful lessons

We "speak" paid media and are proactive because of our digital marketing backgrounds. That means no endless email chains or trial and error until you get what you need. 

Fully fledged web applications or is a simple Google Sheets extension? Do you need a script or will it time out and it's better to work with the Google Ads API? We can tell you. 

Speedy delivery and high quality solutions that keep generating value long after we implement them and you own your solutions so you don't keep paying forever.

Take a new approach to "data driven"

Future Proof

 All your multichannel data in one place and readily comparable 

You own your solutions and your data warehouse so you are independent and flexible

Add additional data sources and features whenever you want

Proven Success


 A 100% paid media focus means it's not our first rodeo

Proven method of working with agencies in sprints as an extension of your team to get best results 

Happy clients and a highly qualified team 

True Partners

 A proactive partner who consults on the right solutions for your team 

Upskill and train your whole team in SQL, Data Studio, and scripts as part of our ongoing service

We have even started joint ventures with clients


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