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We're a new type of service company that builds data-centric solutions tailored to your agency's unique strategies. Delivered by developers and cloud experts with a PPC background. 

ppc data engineers
ppc data engineers

Insights for high performing accounts.

Work with PPC data specialists who know how to use data to increase account performance

Reliable cross-channel insights for your agency and advanced client reporting to enable unique strategies

Increase your team's efficiency and automate tedious data related tasks like data normalisation

In a data-driven world agencies need to automate to grow 

Common challenges

Reports break, the team spends a lot of time on client reporting, and it's hard to get agency level insights for things like industry benchmarking? 

Budget management and bid adjustments are not centralised and account managers have to log into separate platforms every morning to check on accounts?  

Does your team handle a lot of manual, click-intensive data related tasks for things like reporting that are boring and error-prone 

our solutions

ppc data engineers

✔   Cross-channel optimisations

✔   Central budget management 

✔   Central bid adjustments 

✔   2-way API for key ad networks

PPC data warehouse shape adi

✔   Unify your agency's data

✔   BigQuery's performance

✔   Fully managed

✔   Stable and secure

API developers digital marketing

✔   Cross-channel reporting

✔   Agency level insights

✔   Machine Learning

✔   Easy data visualisation


Case study
optimise keywords for a vertical

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ppc data engineers

"Analyzing portfolio level data has helped us optimize the entire agency. It has been a game changer for us and something I've wanted to do for a long time. With these insights, we have been able to create very high performing accounts."


Andre Santos, Co-Founder, Pain-Free Dental Marketing

What our clients say about results 

ppc data engineers

"The quality of the work is fantastic and we're really excited to be using the new tools"

Stephen Harris, Founder

ppc data engineers

"We could not have done this without Acuto and the power that Shape brings to the table."

Andre Santos,


paid social data engineers

"Before Acuto we were getting swamped, and we couldn’t have dreamed of this kind of growth!"

Faisel Shuib,

Founder & IT Architect


Our Data experts get Agencies

We’re a London-based team of Google Cloud Engineers and Full Stack Web Developers who started out as PPC account managers in big agencies like Merkle, so we understand what we’re doing and why. 

We have helped agencies in the UK and the US and our team is international. Most importantly, our PPC background means you get a proactive partner and quick time to value. 

Your strategy and focus make you unique and we have worked with agencies that focus on big clients, small clients, an industry vertical like dentists, or a single platform like Amazon. We create solutions that build on your unique strategy! 

ppc data engineers london
ppc api data engineers london

How to start




Schedule a call with an expert

Get a tech team overnight

Work with an expert on retainer

We save you time and help you thrive

ppc data engineers


Our data experts and developers become an extension of your team. On retainer we can proactively push your innovation agenda. 

ppc data engineers


Speedy delivery and high quality solutions. To get an idea of what you can expect from working with us for just a few days book a discovery call! 

ppc data engineers


We build data solutions that generate value long after we implement them. You keep enjoying the benefits and own your data and solutions.  

Is your agency's data stored in one place and can you readily compare channels?

Does your team get unique insights out of your client and vertical data?

Would your agency be perceived differently if your tech gave you an advantage?

become a data innovator

ppc data engineers

Cross-channel insights without data wrangling and reliable automated reporting - ready to be shared.

ppc data engineers

New strategies enabled by automated reporting, machine learning and advanced analytics.

ppc data engineers

A new way to talk to clients about data with the confidence that your insights are unique.

Want to Learn more about Why Cross-channel data is your key to innovation?

1. Break down data silos 

2. Automate to innovate

3. Internalise an innovation culture

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