Why You Should Be Using Custom Google Ads Scripts

Every PPC account manager has heard of scripts by now, and most use them regularly - usually finding them on scripts libraries and blogs.

Some of the key benefits of scripts include automating repetitive tasks, increasing account performance, reducing mistakes, and improving your reporting capabilities.

But what if you wanted to do something much more tailored to a specific account? Maybe you want to update your Shopping feed to correct price mismatches automatically, by scraping your website for the correct price and creating a supplementary feed. Or maybe you want to enforce some extremely specific ad copy requirements that only apply to a client in a particular niche.

Being able to provide these advanced scripts to your clients is becoming imperative as the Google Ads ecosystem evolves. And with Google taking away more and more control from account managers, these solutions are just what you need to stand out from the crowd.

This is where we come in. We partner with digital marketing agencies and clients to create these extremely bespoke scripts that will never exist online or in a platform. Solving these painful problems for you clients can make a huge difference in this increasingly competitive landscape.

Do you find yourself repeating some manual task all the time? Or that a client is particularly prone to human error due to an unavoidable complicated task that needs to be performed o a regular basis? If the answer to either of these is yes, then it's likely you could benefit from a script!

Sometimes though, custom scripts can do more than solve problems - and actually do something new, that humans could never even hope to do.

Whatever your ideas is, get in touch or book a meeting to discuss your needs and let's take your scripts to the next level!

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