Sitrics - A Custom Solution that Unlocks the Power of Data for London's Leading Amazon PPC Agency

"It has been fantastic working with Julian and Acuto, the quality of their work is fantastic and we're really excited to be using the new tools" - Stephen Harris, Founder of Sitruna

Sitruna is a specialist Amazon PPC agency had connected all of their Amazon data to a BigQuery data warehouse, but was struggling to enable their team to use it easily and often to unlock the type of analysis they needed. So we built them a Google Sheets add-on that lets anyone query any data without writing a single line of SQL.


The Problem: Sitruna wanted to make their extensive data (on everything from listings to ads) useful even for non-technical account managers. But reporting and analysis was a challenge because data was stored in Google BigQuery and very few account managers knew SQL. Data Studio reports were easy, but for the advanced use cases they had in mind they needed to be able to pull reports easily into Google Sheets. As things stood, pulling any custom reports for data manipulation took hours. For just one of their clients, pulling reports amounted to 5 hours of boring, repetitive work per week!

The Solution: We created a Google Sheets add-on that allows anyone at Sitruna to easily pull reports from BigQuery in minutes. With a few simple dropdowns, it lets you choose what report you want, what columns you need, and any filters. In the backend, it takes the user inputs and turns them into an SQL query, which it then pulls from BigQuery and returns in a Google Sheet.

With this done, we realized we could make any data - even outside of their Amazon data - easily accessible. By simply connecting to APIs and storing the data in BigQuery, any user can now easily access all kinds of valuable data. Now, almost any data Sitruna is interested in can be easily queried by anyone in their team.


✔️ Accessibility: huge increase in data available to non-technical users. The team now processes 300 queries/week to fuel various reports ​ ✔️ Visibility: ability to query datasets from different sources with one simple front-end ​

✔️ Performance: massive reduction in time spent pulling reports ​ ✔️ Flexibility: ability to easily add new datasets and tables to BigQuery ​

✔️ Security: table-level user authentication ​ ✔️ Speedy service: delivered on time within 4 days

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