Ebook: Data warehousing
for Digital marketing

Unlock the full potential of your data. 

The essentials for digital marketers - in only 8 pages! 

1. Why every agency needs a data warehouse

2. What tech and skills you need to invest in

3. How you can get started 

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Your Agency's data partner

Data Warehouse

Your data, your BigQuery

Fully managed BigQuery data warehouse set up by us, owned by your agency. 

We layer in additional data sources with APIs as you go along.  

One-click connection to Data Studio lets your team build their own reports as needed


Consolidate all your data

Accurately compare different marketing channels side by side

De-duplicate conversions

Create a trusted, single source of truth for your whole team to use on all their reports

Compare different attribution models

Machine Learning

Unique insights

Unlock optimizations that are unique to your agency


Enhance your reports with machine learning 

Track the emotions and sentiment of your ads, copy, and pages

Find out what emotions and sentiment perform best

Cross-channel optimizations Chris BrandCraft

"Connecting with the right data partner can be difficult. At Brandcraft it was crucial to partner with a company that not only had a marketing background, but also understood the difficulties that can present themselves to agencies.

Chris Davis, Director of Digital Marketing at BrandCraft 

CAse Study: Pain-Free dental Marketing

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"Analyzing portfolio level data has helped us optimize the entire agency. With these insights, we have been able to create very high performing accounts."


Andre Santos, Co-Founder, Pain-Free Dental Marketing

All agency data in one place 

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✔ Pull any data from any source and report in any data visualization platform 


✔ Run advanced analytics and apply machine learning 


✔ Centralise checks and alerts, make optimization changes centrally across channels 

Faster, cheaper, more powerful

✔ Processing huge datasets takes seconds rather than minutes


✔ 99.99% uptime SLA and high availability means your data is safe and always accessible


✔ Processing and storage costs are downright cheap these days

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What our partners say

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"Acuto have removed the barriers between agencies and their data to deliver complex, custom solutions faster and at a lower cost." 

Chris Vlessis, CEO & Co-Founder of Shape


Tech Stack

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