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312% increase in qualified leads in a month

"We don’t have the manpower to deal with that many leads. The fact that we had a bot made this possible."

- Mian Nasir Ilyas, Founder & CEO (1).gif
custom chatbot developers case study



In just 30 days, Eco Grant achieved record numbers


Leads MoM

The bot was doing the work of 3 salespeople


Qualified Leads

Qualified leads meant a much more efficient sales team



The Problem: Eco Grant UK helps vulnerable people gain access to government grants for eco-friendly renovations to their homes, which many are not aware of. Their primary means of generating leads was by knocking on doors, but COVID forced a move to phone calls. Unfortunately, this meant long wait times for customers and an inefficient sales process as ineligible people swarmed the phone lines. The wait times also meant that any kind of marketing campaigns were impossible, as the call centre was already stretched to its limit.

The Solution: Our chatbot thoroughly vetted users who were interested in signing up for the scheme before asking for their details and adding the data to a CRM, from which agents could contact eligible leads. The bot speaks 9 languages, making it possible to target very specific demographics. The bot only provided a direct phone number during working hours and to users who were 100% eligible, significantly improving wait times for all customers and doing the work of 3 salespeople!


"Before Acuto contacted us we were getting swamped, and we couldn’t have dreamed of this kind of growth!"

Faisel Shuib, Founder & IT Architect

Ask questions to suggest relevant offer and adds leads to CRM

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Easily scale to multiple countries or communities. 

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If users are logged into FB, bot suggests personal info.

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